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Join Rebecca Santos, Truth78 Manager of Ministry Expansion for a live demo of the Truth78+ digital platform along with a discussion exploring all the benefits of a subscription.

The demo doesn't end here! We'd love to discuss options for your church or home, hear any feedback, and answer your questions.

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Truth78+ was built for you

Truth78+ is our brand-new digital subscription service giving you immediate access to a full library of curriculum and supporting resources. Truth78+ is the same Truth78 content you appreciate and value, packaged in a new way so you can focus on discipleship instead of administration!

Why Truth78+

More discipleship and less administration!

Truth78+ will allow you to:

  • Get immediate access to a library of curriculum and supporting resources
  • Stay current with updated curriculum and support resources
  • Decrease your administrative burdens
  • Empower your volunteers
  • Engage your parents 
  • Help children know and hope in God

Download our free Truth78+ preview PDF to see what is contained within the Truth78+ subscription!


Curricula Scope & Sequence Explanation

With Truth78+ our Curricula Scope & Sequence has not changed, we have just placed it all within digital libraries designed to decrease your administrative burdens and empower your volunteers! 

Free Curriculum Consultation

We invite you to book a complimentary consultation with our Ministry Expansion Manager. During this conversation, we will:
- Explore your current resources,
- Identify your goals for curriculum and classroom dynamics,
- And discuss how Truth78 can partner with you to fulfill your vision.